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We Buy Houses NJ

Sometimes selling your New Jersey house quickly is the best solution for you and your family which is why we buy houses in New Jersey.  We started CERO Properties, bringing together experienced real estate and construction professionals together, to help people sell their homes fast which is why we buy houses in New Jersey. People often ask, how can I sell my house fast? There are as many reasons why people want to sell a house fast,  we find ourselves frequently helping people in one of three areas:

  1. People looking to sell an unwanted inheritance or other unwanted property
  2. Senior citizens looking to move out of homes they’ve owned for years
  3. Those with special circumstances – serious house damage, fire damage, hoarder situation, etc…

 Sell Your House, As-Is, No Real Estate Agent, We Pay Cash


Contact us either by phone or completing the web form on this page to start the process


We’ll develop our quote and present our offer within 4 days


If you accept our offer, we’ll sign a contract and start the closing process


We’ll handle the details and close in about 14 days and you’ll receive your full cash payment

We Buy Houses, No Real Estate Agents: How Does It Work?

The beauty of working with us is our quick and simple process and totally hassle free home selling process.

First, you reach out to us by either phone or completing our form on the web. Leave your info – name, property address and contact info.

Second, we’ll schedule a no obligation consultation to meet with you at the property.  Our team includes experts in both real estate and construction so we’ll be able to assess the time it will take to perform cleanup, the cost and hours required to determine repair value, the investment required for suitable upgrades and the home’s value based on neighborhood comparable sales.

Third, within a day or two, we’ll estimate the home’s value, subtract our anticipated investment for repair costs, upgrades, cleanup and profit and we’ll make you a fair all cash offer.  This cash offer will be paid to you upon closing.  Since the seller won’t have any repairs, cleanup or other work to do we can usually close and pay you in full within 14 days.

Fourth, if our offer is accepted, we’ll begin the paperwork immediately.  The seller won’t have to arrange for a home inspection / termite inspection or visits by an appraiser.  Expenses that a home seller usually has to pay such as realtor fees, closing fees and the previously mentioned repairs & cleanup are all taken care of by CERO Properties.  Once the deal is signed the seller can start packing and begin the moving process, since CERO Properties handles all the cleanup, you won’t have to bother with it. (no scheduling addition trash pickup, dumpster rentals, Goodwill pickups.

After our offer is accepted we’ll set a closing date and the deal typically closes within 14 days at which time you’ll be paid in full.  No Real Estate Agent’s commission, CERO Properties pays closing costs


Contact us to request an offer on your home today!

Sell Quickly, We Buy Houses As Is

We help a wide range of people with their unwanted properties, our specialities are…


Unwanted inheritance

Homes often change ownership through inheritance, people inherit homes from parents, grandparents, aunts, siblings, etc.. and sometimes the responsibility of owning these inherited homes don’t fit into a person’s plans.  There can be a number of reasons for this, first, the home could be geographically too far away to manage as a rental or too far away from your current life (job, school, friends) to consider relocating your family. A sale might be considered but a home that’s hours away may prove too difficult to perform all the repairs and cleanup required to put the house in salable shape and if that work is done primarily on weekends it could take months or longer to prepare the house for sale.

Finances may also be a factor. A person living in a home for many years may have grown comfortable and not upgraded bathrooms, kitchens, flooring, etc.. in a while.  Painting & carpets are frequently refreshed when a home is put on the market and in an inherited home situation the expense of significant upgrade may be a prohibitive investment just to sell the home.

Aside from geographic issues, family politics can also come into play when an inheritance is split among multiple parties – some family members may feel they are doing the bulk of the work, others may disagree about the types of repairs or upgrades required to sell the home, they may not agree on the determination of a fair price for the property or which real estate professionals to hire.

These issues can make it clear that it’s best to sell the home quickly to a company like CERO Properties who buy houses and is a cash buyer, split the proceeds and move on.

Unwanted Properties

An unwanted property is a home that an owner wants to sell but can’t or won’t put the time and money into repairing, upgrading and cleaning the home to make it presentable for a sale on the open market. Rather than deal with real estate professionals, closing costs and the time consuming activites related to selling your unwanted New Jersey house, contact us for a cash offer today.


Seniors looking to move on

We have helped many seniors move on the the next phase of their lives by purchasing their homes “as-is” for cash.    Readying a home for sale is a large undertaking especially when a person has lived there for decades.  Many times a senior’s house will have original fixtures and cabinetry (kitchens, bathrooms) which may make the house seem to be less attractive than neighboring homes on the market.

Coupled with possible interior upgrades, the entire house may require a fresh coat of paint inside and out.   Added to this, repairing a leaky basement, replacing an old roof or prehistoric appliances (furnace, air conditioner, oven, stove, dishwasher) can not only cost many thousands of dollars but the time and hassle of coordinating contractors and purchasing new equipment can be exhausting.

Some seniors would rather not spend their days working as their own general contractor and rather move on to the next stage of their lives.   This is where CERO Properties can help, by assuming the cost of the upgrades and repairs and helping seniors with a speedy sale of their home.

We help seniors move on to the next stage of their lives by purchasing their homes “as-is” for cash. We take on the cost of upgrades and repairs, so seniors can focus on enjoying their retirement.

Special circumstances; (damaged homes, hoarders)

Sometimes you can look at a project and think “Where in the world do I start?”

There’s the tree knocked down by a storm that demolished the family room or the kitchen fire that will take 7 months to repair, (not to mention 7 months of microwaved meals cooked in your makeshift kitchen set up in what was once your beautiful living room), these unexpected situation that may only last a few minutes can take months or years to unravel.   The notion of camping out in one room while others are being repaired can take a toll on a family and CERO Properties can help by purchasing your home in “as-is” condition.

Infrequently (but we’ve seen it) a home can be overtaken by collections, then by possessions then by all the things which can’t be parted with and one day the entire house is overrun by “stuff”.   This is a very delicate situation where hoarding behavior takes over and the house becomes unsafe, unlivable (and definitely unsaleable).

Another challenge buying a house owned by a hoarder is the condition of the home. Often these homes have been neglected for years and would not pass a traditional bank inspection. If you are in this situation, check out our we buy houses page for a solution.

Cleanup and sale of these houses is a delicate family situation and often best handled by an uninvolved third party. CERO Properties has worked with families to purchase these homes, as-is,  and manage cleanup in a very respectful and dignified manner.

Is CERO Properties’ CASH NOW Advantage as beneficial as working with a realtor?

Watch our video to learn more.

Wouldn’t I make more money with a real estate agent vs. selling my NJ house to CERO Properties?

Interesting question. True, in exchange for all cash in 14 days CERO Properties may offer you less than you may list your house for through a real estate agent but let’s consider the expense involved in selling your New Jersey house fast.

You have your listing price (the price you want the Realtor to sell your house for)

Subtract whatever discount your buyer may negotiate, say 5%

Subtract the Real Estate Agents’ commission which is typically 6%

Subtract all closing costs (title & escrow) fees which is typically 2%

Every month you have a mortgage payment, property tax, insurance, electric, gas, sewer, water, maybe landscaper (or snowplow) and whatever other monthly expenses.  The total of all these expenses typically averages about 1% of your selling price.

It could take you 2 months (2%) to get your house ready for sale – painting, cleaning, repairs

And the typical house in NJ takes 3-5 months to sell (4 -5 %)

Just those expenses can equal 15 – 20% off your listing price (these are ALL ESTIMATED percentages) and we haven’t started adding up the clean up, painting, new carpets, other upgrades and repairs all of which could easily be thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

Plus – you’ll have to go through this process for months fixing the house up and waiting for it to sell.

Compare that to an all cash offer in 14 days from CERO Properties.  Come to an agreement, sign the papers, move your personal items, we’ll schedule a closing date and in about two weeks you may walk away with more money than you had anticipated.

Of course you have to come to your own decision whether working with CERO Properties to receive a fair cash offer is best vs. going the traditional route of selling your Jersey home. To sell fast, do your own math, run the numbers, the figures listed above are all estimates designed to help you think of all the possible expenses you’ll incur when readying your home for sale.


a chart describing the process CERO uses to buy your home
Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by our clients

We buy your New Jersey house in any condition!  Homes that require expensive repair, homes that may need extensive clean-up – anything, we’re here to help.


We are a cash home buyer, in 14 days or fewer, or whatever is best for the seller, pending a clean title and no underground oil tanks on the property, you will be paid in full for your New Jersey house.


Leave anything you don’t want in the house. Unlike many other “buy houses” company we will handle the clean out. We do recommend that you move all your personal items before the closing date.


We look at the comparable value of the houses in the local market for sale, or recently sold, in that neighborhood for NJ real estate. We then subtract out the amount of materials, labor, overhead and our reasonable profit. The amount left over is the fair cash offer for the house for when we buy NJ real estate.


No repairs required. The New Jersey homeowners we’ve worked with in the past appreciate that we take on the dirty work. We purchase the house as-is, in any condition, hassle-free.


We will set up an appointment to view the house. We’re cash buyers so we’ll determine the fair market value, and submit a written offer to you within 24 hours.


Communities we serve

Given the right circumstances, we will buy houses anywhere in New Jersey however we have experience and have helped people in Somerset, Union and Morris Counties specifically in Florham Park, Denville, Morristown, Randolph, Rockaway, Berkeley Heights, Linden, Basking Ridge, Bedminster, Westfield, Warren, Raritan.

In just days…

Typically three days from first contact to your receipt of our written quote

Often just 14 days from you accepting our offer to closing (and payment!)

Working with CERO Properties to sell your home can make a difficult situation very simple.

Call or click today for your free estimate.

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